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Maite_newmilf Naked

Hi guys! I am Maite_newmilf as you may know me from or Katty on my real name! And if you like big girls then I invite you to my chat room and let’s have some fun! I am a real BBW from Colombia with a huge ass and pussy! My tits are big and fat, they are sensitive and I like to take a big cock between them it makes me wet as fuck!

I am a dominant woman and I like to be dominant in bed. I like to be on top of you, I like to feel your hard cock inside of me and I like to be in charge while we fuck! What can I say I am a special woman. And if you wonder yes I am a MILF but a single man for me is boring and not enough so this is why I love broadcasting my cam where I can meet a lot of horny men. 

Maite_newmil playing with her pussy

I like to try different things sexually speaking. I like to be involved in all kinds of fetishes and kinky stuff.  For me sex, it’s a way to get relaxed and happy. And if I don’t have sex even a single day then I masturbate, I like to touch myself but every time I do it I like to share it with you online! 

Guys do not forget I am Maite_newmilf and you can find me exclusively on

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